Benefits of Home Staging: Getting Stuff Out and Buyers In!

Dated: 08/30/2019

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If you have decided that it’s time to put your house on the market, then staging is an important part of getting the house ready for sale. As a seller, the advantages of staging your home before showing it can include making the buyer feel more at home and increasing the likelihood of a sale. In order to stage your home successfully, there are a few things you’ll need to do. 


Declutter and Depersonalize the Home


According to Budget Dumpster, places such as closets, attics, basements, and garages tend to be clutter hotspots. You will need to identify if this is the case in your home and deal with these areas accordingly. Once the areas of clutter have been identified, you can create a system that details how to sort through the clutter and what to do with the items. You may decide to recycle, donate, dump, or store the items that can’t stay in the house. It is recommended that you rent a large dumpster if the items that you’ll be tossing are too big to be disposed of in your regular garbage. Be sure to determine the size of the dumpster you’ll need as well as if there are any laws that govern the use of dumpsters in your community. If there are items that you definitely cannot part with, then you will need to find the best storage options. The average national cost of renting a storage unit is just over $87 per month


Home Staging Essentials


Having decluttered your home, you can now move on to sprucing it up for final staging. According to FitSmallBusiness, there are a number of budget-friendly ways to get that done—unless the home needs major repairs, of course, in which case these must be made a priority. Otherwise, you can do some simple things like repainting rooms in a neutral color, updating lighting accessories, cleaning the home thoroughly, and reorganizing furniture so the purpose of each room is clear to the buyer. It can also make the process go more smoothly if you create a detailed checklist for staging each room in the home. For example, it’s recommended for sellers to put away small appliances in the kitchen so buyers can see the available counter space. Or you can stage the living room by using colorful throw pillows and creating the space to allow natural traffic flow. 


Getting Ideas From Houses on the Market


While decluttering and home staging tips tend to be general, it can also help you to get an idea of what buyers in your particular area may be interested in. This may include things such as energy-efficient appliances and high-end amenities. You should also research home prices in your area to get an idea of how much buyers are willing to spend (the median sales price for a home in Detroit is a little over $50,000). It’s also helpful to know what tends to make buyers reconsider buying a home. According to Kiplinger, buyers may be turned off by bright color palettes, outdated fixtures, popcorn ceilings, and any evidence of pets. 


You can find out what buyers have been showing an interest in by perusing real estate websites and attending open houses in and around your community. Open houses can be found by contacting realtors, using online sources, and keeping an eye out for open house signs. Looking at staged homes can guide you in how to stage your own home with prospective buyers in mind. The research will also be helpful for determining the proper price range of your home.


Buyers are more likely to purchase homes in which they can easily see themselves living in. It is therefore important for you to stage your home in a way that will allow buyers to weave their lives into the home they’re viewing. Make sure you stage your home in a way that will get it sold.

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Benefits of Home Staging: Getting Stuff Out and Buyers In!

If you have decided that it’s time to put your house on the market, then staging is an important part of getting the house ready for sale. As a seller, the advantages of staging your home

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